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Lay School - Fall 2016

  • The Fall Semester is set to begin on Tuesday, September 6th  and will continue each Tuesday (except Thanksgiving week, November 22nd)  until November29th.
  • Classes will be held at Messiah, Marquette (305 W. Magnetic) with Pastor Warren Geier as the site coordinator.  The location represents a change which will hopefully make it easier for people in the Marquette area to participate without inconveniencing others too much.
  • Four classes will be offered in the Fall 2016 semester  (please note the dates and times for each class as they do vary)
  • Based on feedback from students, the curriculum has been revised to include more history and more Bible.  That revision is reflected in two of this fall’s classes, American Church History and Prophets I/Isaiah and Jeremiah.

Christian Theology-God the Holy Spirit  September 6th  to September 27th  (3-6pm) (4 sessions)
A study of the third article of the Nicene Creed.  How does God’s Spirit work in our lives?  Included in this course will be an examination of our theology of the church and the sacraments of  Baptism and Holy Communion.    (Pastor Steve Solberg)

Preaching and Exegetical TechniquesSeptember 6th to November 29th  (6:30 to 8:30 pm)  (12 sessions)
Students will learn how a sermon is developed, especially the various ways that a biblical text can be examined and interpreted.  Students will be asked to write one sermon.  This class combines what had previously been two separate classes.  (Pastor Allan Johnson)

American Church HistoryOctober 4th to October 25th  (3-6pm)  (4 sessions)
This class will explore the historical development of Christianity in the United States from the 17th to the 21st century.  Ecumenism, especially as it relates to the ELCA, will be considered.  (Pastor Warren Geier)

Prophets I/Isaiah and Jeremiah November 1st to November 29th  (3-6pm)  (4 sessions)
An introduction to Old Testament prophetic material including the former and latter prophets.  This class will focus on Isaiah and Jeremiah as the most frequently cited lectionary prophets.  (Pastor Ann Gonyea)

A reminder that as always there is no tuition; the only cost is for books (and instructors do the best they can to keep that within reason.)

As is always the case, we need new students!  It should be emphasized though that one does not have to sign up for all the classes, one does not have to complete all the classes in a certain period of time, one does not even have to complete all the classes ever.  You can take as much or as little as works for your schedule and your interests.  The program is designed to be flexible.  Also, Lay School is not designed to produce Licensed Lay Ministers.  While that is a possibility and some graduates have gone in that direction, most students are just interested in growing in faith and becoming more active in their own congregations.

To register for classes, or if you have specific questions, contact your pastor or Pastor Geier (486-4351;  Information on books will be forthcoming.  Students order books from the bookseller of their choice.  Used books are often available at very low prices.   If you would like more detailed information on any of the classes contact Pastor Geier.

It would be great to have some new students give Lay School a try, so consider this a personal invitation!  If you’re not sure, try a course and see how it goes.  You will grow in faith and you and your church will benefit from your involvement!

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