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9-9-2020 Update (PDF)

Sunday School

We have Sunday School during the Munising Public School year. There is no Sunday School when the kids have breaks from school. 

Our Sunday School program is during Sunday morning worship at 10:30am in the church basement. It is taught in a one room school house format. Each Sunday, the kids start out in the sanctuary with a children's sermon from Pastor. This takes place before the actual service begins. Then they collect for the jingle jars and head downstairs. They also come back up to worship during communion so that they say The Lord's Prayer with the congregation and then with their families receive communion or a blessing. After communion they head back downstairs to finish Sunday School. 

Each week different volunteers lead Sunday School. Claudia, our Sunday School Superintendent always has everything set up and ready to go.. If you would like to volunteer to teach Sunday School for a Sunday please email Claudia


First Communion

Classes for children wishing to prepare to receive first communion will be offered once a year at Eden. These classes will happen the once a week during the three weeks leading up to Maundy Thursday. The students will receive their first communion on Maundy Thursday, which is the Thursday before Easter.

There is no specific age requirement for first communion although children are often ready to take communion by third grade. However, children vary in their readiness for communion, parents are encouraged to consider the following about your child's readiness:

  • Is your child asking questions about Holy Communion?
  • Have they asked to receive communion?
  • Does your child talk about being left out when others commune?
  • Does your child understand being wrong and being forgiven?

If you have questions about this class or if your child is ready to receive first communion, please contact Pastor Ann Gonyea.




This is a two-year course held during the school year. We meet on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m. (except during Advent and Lent). The class is for 7th graders and up to prepare for full membership in the church.

We will use the Augsburg Fortress re:form curriculum for our study. The first year will focus on the Old Testament and the second on the New Testament. There will be two quizzes, 15 sermon notes and 15 service points due each year.  The class ends with a paper on “What God Means to Me” and a faith discussion with pastor.

This experience is designed to teach the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and to help students consider the responsibilities that come with a Profession of Faith and Church Membership. 

Attendance and participation is REQUIRED.  This covenant of commitment is signed at the start of each year.


Confirmation is an opportunity to make a choice and take responsibility for one’s faith.

Confirmation Class is about being leaders. Our goal is to have a safe learning environment where all students feel they can contribute and learn about the teachings of the church while exploring their own beliefs.

With this Covenant, the students, the parents and teachers, individually and together, dedicate ourselves to this process in our faith journey.


Confirmation is a wonderful, important, and serious step on your journey. Because of this, the following commitment is asked of you.

  • Attend and Participate in Confirmation Class regularly. We meet every possible Wednesday during the school year for two years. We ask that everyone set a minimum attendance goal of missing no more than 3 classes each year. We believe that intentional study and discussion enhances our understanding and strengthens our beliefs. If any student misses more then three classes in a year we expect you to honor your classmates by earning an extra service point.
  • Attend and Participate in Worship Services regularly, with a goal of writing 15 sermon notes a year. The sermon notes do not have to be from Eden, but may come from wherever you worship.
  •  Service An important part of being a Christian is serving one another. Part of our requirements for Confirmation will be to earn 15 Service Points per year. Serving in the church can be ushering, reading, singing, serving at coffee hour, mowing the lawn, helping fold bulletins, teaching Sunday School, roadside clean up, volunteering in the pantry or doing any extra ministry activities. Youth may validate these points by having pastor or a church member write a note or initial a bulletin. 
  • Respect is a big part of Confirmation. That means no cell phones in class. It means treating other students with respect and dignity, confronting bullying as harmful, listening to the teacher, being attentive, and using language that is helpful and not harmful.


New Member's Class 

Anyone who would like to join our family, would just like to know more about Lutheranism, or is interested in a refresher course is welcome to join us in our New Members Class. Pastor will gladly offer them whenever there is interest. We usually have pizza!


Lay School

As is always the case, we need new students!  It should be emphasized though that one does not have to sign up for all the classes, one does not have to complete all the classes in a certain period of time, one does not even have to complete all the classes ever.  You can take as much or as little as works for your schedule and your interests.  The program is designed to be flexible.  Also, Lay School is not designed to produce Licensed Lay Ministers.  With further work beyond Lay School that is a possibility and some graduates have gone in that direction, but most students are just interested in growing in faith and becoming more active in their own congregations.

To register for classes, or if you have specific questions, contact your pastor or Pastor Geier (486-4351;   If you would like more detailed information on any of the classes contact Pastor Geier.

A reminder that there is no tuition; the only cost is for books (and instructors do their best to keep that within reason.)

It would be great to have some new students give Lay School a try, so consider this a personal invitation!  If you’re not sure, try a course and see how it goes.  You will grow in faith and you and your church will benefit from your involvement!


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