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Confirmation Camp Gospel Reflection - 06/20/2021

Here's how I will say I experienced the story of Jesus calming chaotic and untamed seas and experiences with just the sound of his voice and simple words, simple prayer.

Last week I, along with Jennifer & Lena Wood and Jasmine Halford, hung around at Fortune Lake Lutheran camp with 12 confirmation students. We talked about the Ten Commandments, the Apostle's Creed, the Lord's Prayer, Holy Communion, Holy Baptism, Confession and Forgiveness. We spent some time thinking about why we are in Christian Community … what we each bring to that community and what the community brings to us.

We were immersed in a culture and community centered in Jesus. We joined with other Jesus followers. We prayed several times a day. We learned new things. We sang songs together. We welcomed one another. We felt blessed by one another. We not only exercised our minds and our Christian identities, we also used this God-given bodies of ours, singing One blue sky above us, one ocean lapping at our shore … among other things.

I was cut off from the news. I had a blissful break from Facebook. And it took only hours before all the worries and to-do lists and worldly concerns, all those chaotic and untamed seas and experiences that the world gives us, daily … they fell away.

It was as if Jesus set those words over our lives this last week and all the stormy seas we each brought with us settled, they were not roaring in our ears so much.

When COVID came up in one way or another toward the end of our week, one our group commented “I forgot about COVID.”

 It was by no means a super calm week. That is an impossible feat with 12 Middle School kids, or 12 of any of us, I suppose. But it was calm, in that it was right. It felt like it made us right … right in, through and under God.

And today I stand before you feeling washed in the waters and warmed by the fire, and close in community.  I am a renewed in Jesus the Risen Christ, and I pray that they all are too. 

May we all have confidence that Jesus does have the power and the will to calm the chaotic and untamed seas and experiences of life for each of us, with just the sound of his voice and simple words, simple prayer … if only we make room for him. Amen.

Pastor Ann Gonyea

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