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Palm Sunday Intro, Hosana to Crucify Him - 04/14/2019

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest …

We make a rather abrupt and disturbing turn in the course of our worship today.

From “hosanna!” to “crucify him!”

From creating a carpet of palms for Jesus as he enters Jerusalem like the triumphant king his is, to mocking him as Roman soldiers nail him to a pole and leave him to die.

How did we get here?

On one hand, it’s a brutally honest example of how we, God’s people, can be a stormy and variable lot … loving and hopeful in one moment, and not so much in the next.

And, on some other hand, we asked for it. We prayed for it. “Hosanna!” we prayed along with the people accompanying Jesus into Jerusalem! It means save us, Lord, bring us salvation and freedom. And still today, “Hosanna!” we cry out to God when we are in pain, frightened, confused, angry.

And God answers – sometimes in very gentle and calming ways, and sometimes through all that storminess and variability we bring to this world …

… like the time God used humanity’s oppression, brutality and corruption to secure our salvation and freedom from sin and nothingness. The time God came among us a Jesus to walk with us for awhile, teach us and save us.

So we join together to embody that story again this year; to breath it into life so we can feel it fall into the places where we cry “Hosanna” today.

Congregational lines are in bold.

The Passion of Our Lord, according to Luke...

Pastor Ann Gonyea

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